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Pergola Swing Ideas For Your Backyard

Do you want to have a pergola swing in your backyard? For those who do not know the meaning pergola swing, it is a swing from wood that has big and strong construction. Most of people will like a beautiful cedar pergola. However, there are kinds of building wood pergola swing. A pergola swing is usually freestanding with four points of feet in the four corners. It must be big and balance so that whenever it is being used, it will be safe to operate.

A pergola swing is a wooden swing to enjoy and relax the time. It is usually placed on the top or wood floor. People who have and place it in their houses are the ones who want to enjoy their space and landscape in front of them.


The specifications:

  • Materials : all from natural cedar wood
  • Easy to be assembled
  • Estimation time to make : approximately 4 hours
  • All the wood has been pre-cut and has been drilled
  • All equipment is ready in the package and ready to assemble

Kinds of build pergola swing:

  • With canopy
  • With installation
  • With Dorchester (non-wood material)

Because there is a pergola without swing, you must ensure the seller that what you are looking for is the pergola swing, not only a pergola. A pergola has been known for carpenters or forest’s wood companies. It is a term for a-look-alike mini house without walls and ceiling. It is just a construction of wooden roof. Sometimes, it will have full roof, but most of the time, it is only a rough constructed cross wooden roof.

The common pergola swing has cross words and one big long swing. However, you can do it by yourselves by making a hexagon pergola swing. It can have more than one swing. It usually has three swings with a fire pit in the middle and two relaxing chairs. To make it more beautiful, you can install long small lamps around the top pergola.

Resource: cost to build a pergola


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