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Most Unique Wedding venues near Asheville NC

Looking to put a modern twist on your wedding? While a traditional wedding may satisfy all your needs, you might not know what you’re missing until you’ve seen it for yourself. You’re in luck because we’re going to show you some of the top unique wedding venues in our city. At these venues, you can get all the romance of a classic wedding while you surprise your guests with the out of the ordinary approach of each one.


The Winery SF, which is the runner up for top wedding venue in NC, is on the top of our list for most unique wedding venues. Why? Well, it happens to be on the historically famous Treasure Island, and on top of that it is a treasure of a find. This venue is also an urban winery, which sources its grapes from the finest regions of Napa Valley and Sonoma. To add to its uniqueness, the view from this venue is one that is extremely tough to beat. From the waterfront located right outside the winery, you and your guests will be able to see the Golden Gate Bridge to your right, the Bay Bridge to your left, and Alcatraz Island across the beautiful Bay of the city.

With vaulted ceilings and skylights, the Robert Foundation Studio transforms into a welcoming party setting for up to 220 guests. Above the main studio is an intimate mezzanine for a cozy, private dinner or the perfect lounge space overlooking the party below. RF80 is a funky and urban venue that will make you rethink a traditional wedding in a heartbeat. The venue is extremely accommodating when it comes to the style of wedding you want, and they are willing to bring your dreams to life at their space on your wedding day.

Another venue for Wedding venues near asheville nc that made our list of top unique places to hold a wedding is the James Leary Flood Mansion. With outside catering and a capacity of 500 people, your wedding can be exactly how you planned it with no interruptions! Located in the scenic district of Pacific Heights, the Farmhouse Mansion’s hillside destination is one that your party will never forget. The Italian Renaissance style setting makes for an incredibly quaint environment that can still accommodate large parties- best of both worlds! The indoor atmosphere will provide your guests with a “homey” feel, while they are all whisked away into the elegant architecture.


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