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Grand Theft Auto 4 Review

Hello guys!, im here to review a game which i am sure all of use would have at least heard of! Its grand theft auto 4!

You play as niko belic, a russian(if im not wrong) who leaves eastern europe, to the city of liberty, partly “inspired” by his cousin, “Roman”, as niko fits into this new city, he faces challenges, from loan sharks, niko, seemilingly wanting to have a fresh start helps Roman to face his enemy and to get rich quickly!


It seems that rockstar games had seriously left out the pc version or had not developed well enough. based on the picture, it seems that the Xbox360 looked better then the pc version which is ridiculous as even on high settings on my radon 6850, it would go to an utter disaster. it is very clear that rockstar games had not gave much interest in optimization. even after graphical problems/downside, you could still see many overlapping textures in game, all of grand theft auto’s series had this problem, it seems like a problem with the renderer but its the terrible textures. apart from that, the graphics are mediocre by the time gta 4 had launched.
With its blend textures, one could get bored playing gta4. i know i have. all buildings in gta4 seems to be using the same textures, there was no one building that i can remember that catches my attention

Now, lets look at the controls. like other gtas, the controls are very generic for a tps game, other games such as warface or apb reloaded could easily beat out gta in the controls war. though it aint the best controls, gta still manages to get the job done.

that aside, the AI of gta 4 is also very stupid. there were times where i could not complete a mission in gta 4 because of the Ai. and it happens so often that it really is very irritating! However, on the pc, mods had drastically improved the game’s content. even till now, gta vice city is still supported heavily on the pc, so is gta4. Still, the thing that makes gta rather playable is the open world gameplay, in the first few missions, you can choose to date michelle or save roman and each choice will result in the order of the missions. with the new autosave features, players no longer have to constantly return to “sleep” to “save”

-Terrible Optimisation
-Blend Textures
-Texture Glitches
-Low Ress Textures
-Mediocre Graphics For Its Age
-Stupid Ai
-Great Story And Open World
-Auto Save

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