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Bucks Party Novelties

Whether you are into novelties or not, a bucks party almost seems a little incomplete without at least a few knick knacks that help to create the right buzz.

First off you want to find some Buck Party Novelties that will identify your group, and most importantly something that will identify the actual groom to be.  The benefit of this is that you will then be able to use your group power to gain entrance to clubs, garner free drinks off beautiful women and basically give you an excuse for your behavior throughout the night!


The second type of Buck Night Novelties really depend on your theme.  Try to find novelties that will compliment your theme – i.e. devil horns and halos for an angels and demons party is quite an obvious choice.  But I would also recommend trying to find things that will be unexpected as well.  For instance, if you are having a classy hen party you may decide to add some dirty straws for your cocktails or the like.  The key to humor is to throw in something unexpected so be creative.

The true irony of a bucks party is that while it is an all male event, women are pretty much a standard part of any proceedings.  The great thing about this activity is that you don’t even have to go to a bar to find them, they are ready and waiting for you in the way of art.

Just imagine getting together with your friends and learning how to draw an attractive naked woman?  I have to admit it is a lot of fun and very funny – particularly when you see some of the drawings at the end.  The other bonus is there are a lot of places that now offer this service and will be happy to cater to you and your other guests – some even provide drinks!

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