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 Fire Trader Australia is a leading Fire, Security and Safety solutions reseller, distributor and manufacturer.


Fire Trader and our sister online business Police Trader announce their support of Victoria Police Legacy.


In conjunction with Victoria Police Legacy, we announce the establishment of the Victoria Police Legacy / Police Trader Key Registry.

For a one off fee of $25.00 + P/H you will receive a numbered key tag to attach to you house/car keys so, in the case of loss and them being handed in, they can be returned to you.


Reducing the need to change locks, no need to arrange expensive replacement of keys or remotes, think of the time, inconvenience and money that you can save.


No addresses are kept so therefore there are no privacy or security concerns, arising from lost keys.

Proceeds from each Key Tag sold are donated to Police Legacy allowing them to continue to provide their valuable service.


For Further information please contact Gordon Charteris (Former Police Inspector)

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