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5 Mistakes to avoid while heating by Charlotte HVAC

When winter hits, we crank up the heating system in our home and office. While the heating system works hard to keep you warm and comfortable indoors, it is important to make it operate efficiently. This will help you save energy and lower your utility bills. However, we tend to forget some of the easiest things to do for keeping that electricity bill low. So, to help you do that here are 5 most common mistakes to avoid while heating your home in winter.


Prevent 5 mistakes while heating your house.

1. Setting thermostat too high.

It’s only natural that you would want to get your house warm quickly to be comfortable. So, many homeowners tend to program the thermostat real high, say well into the 80 degrees in order to heat up the house in short period of time. But, it doesn’t work like that. When you set up the thermostat at higher degree than required you are only increasing your energy bills. So, avoid making this mistake and wait for the house to heat up at standard setting. And while your home is slowly but steadily heating up, wear warm clothes to the cold away.

2. Setting the thermostat below normal at night.

As a general rule, you shouldn’t program the thermostat at drastic temperature. So, it’s no surprise that setting the thermostat below normal range at night will prove to be a disadvantageous move for you. While it’s ok to program the thermostat a couple of degrees lower when you go to sleep at night, if you set it way too low, your home is going to get chillier. As a result, your heating system will have to work harder and use a lot of energy to heat the house again in the morning. And this leads to very high utility bills for your home.

3. Abuse the thermostat.

Each heating system has its own way of working and set of limitations. This is same for the thermostat.  If you start to abuse the thermostat by programming it at extreme temperatures, frequently changing the setting, and if you are ‘set it & forget it’ kind, the thermostat is bound to break down at some point. So, avoid these mistakes and instead find ways to make your heating system work efficiently. And if you don’t stop all this tampering with the thermostat, the furnace ends up working overtime which only means more breakdowns and trouble to follow.

4. Heating an empty house.

Many homeowners are found to be guilty of this one. Leaving the heating system on while there is on one in the house is a big mistake. Not only it is a poor decision, you end up with significantly high electricity bills. Prevent getting high energy bills by turning on the heating system when you arrive home. Or you can install programmable thermostat that can be remotely controlled. You can then turn on the thermostat to heat the house 15-20 minutes before you arrive home. This way your heating system can take breaks from working non-stop and also increase its longevity as well as you will have reduced utility bills.

5. Keeping curtains closed when it’s sunny outside.

Another common mistake to avoid while heating your home is closing the drapes on a sunny day. When there is bright and warm sun out, open all the curtains in south-facing rooms and areas. The sunlight helps a lot in warming the rooms and the furnace can get some rest. Keep in mind the windows need to be clean for this to be effective. Dirty windows hinder the flow of sunlight coming in the rooms. Also, check that all the doors and windows are closed when you are heating your home. You don’t want to let the hot air escape from your house.

Well, these were the 5 most common mistakes (also easily avoidable) homeowners make while heating their homes. So, next time you are heating your home or office, do not forget these simple gestures to save energy and ensure lower utility bills.

Resource: Charlotte HVAC

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